The 4 Key Activities of Your Marketing Project

In-depth analysis

We ask you the RIGHT QUESTIONS to better understand your market, customers and competitors. We have the tools to analyze the demand for your products or services.

CUSTomized strategy

With a STRATEGY TAILORED TO YOU we help you grow your project by improving customer relationship and finding   new ones without wasting resources.


We create ADVANCED ONLINE CAMPAIGNS on Google and Facebook, monitoring consistently and efficiently the data that really matter, those that bring real results.

continuous presence

We are there for you, in the IMPORTANT MOMENTS and in the daily routine. We are an ally who understands your project in depth and works by your side with empathy.

Customers who have chosen us

Do you keep pouring money into advertising but find yourself always back at the starting line?

If you invest in online marketing, you know how difficult it is to get real, clear and lasting results. 
Google, Facebook, Funnel, Seo, Remarketing, Analytics, Automation, Lead Generation ... So many tools to lose your mind!

However, your task is NOT to learn all this mumbo jumbo.
The technical aspects and tools can be delegated to competent professionals.
You need extra time to focus on the crucial aspects often overlooked by many entrepreneurs: analysis and strategy.

They say about us

Positive ROI and extra free time

We turned to Simone with two very specific objectives:

1) Delegate the operational management of online advertising campaigns, especially on Facebook and Google;
2) Increase the conversion of the aforementioned campaigns.

Thanks to his precise and punctual technical support, we have succeeded in achieving both goals, getting positive returns on our campaigns and delegating their management.

An important economic result but also an excellent one in terms of time saved.

Now the goal is to further scale the results, and we are sure that we will find in Simone a reliable partner willing to help us get where we want to go!

Lorenzo Ferrari  //  RistoratoreTop

Google campaigns with ROAS of 1.000%

We turned to Simone to optimize the Google Adwords campaigns we had created. After a peak in sales at Christmas, our online shop of musical instruments was no longer growing and ads campaigns were our main source of traffic.

After analyzing the situation, we decided to work not only on the advertising, but also on the strategy to increase the conversion rate and sales volumes, starting from our existing customers and their experience on our website.

With time, we began to see a remarkable growth in the e-commerce conversion rate month after month. With the help of the strategy we implemented and the campaigns on Google with ROAS of around 1,000%, we had a turnover multiplied by more than 10.


Our service


We start with an in-depth analysis to fully understand your customers: where they are, what they think and what they look for, what interests they have and what behaviors they adopt. We continue studying in detail the market demand, the competition and the online presence of your company.

We then build a strategy tailored to your project, respecting your style and your values, enhancing your strengths and your talent. By monitoring the results of each of our actions, we will be able to embrace and enhance the ideas that work, exploring new solutions with awareness.

Advertising campaigns

As Google Partner and Bing Certified Experts, we work continuously on optimizing online advertising campaigns, putting all our efforts and expertise into achieving our goals.

By interpreting the data, as Google Analytics Certified Professionals, we can understand over time which campaigns are profitable and which should be modified, which decisions should be taken and which should be postponed.

assistance that becomes partnership

Your success is our success. Your result, our obsession. We work hard to help you with all our strength, skills and determination. It is no coincidence if often times we bond in empathic connections with our customers and collaborations go far beyond formalities and office hours.

Count on us when you have to talk about an important decision or need a quick consultation: you have the guarantee of a reliable assistance, which becomes a partnership, because we are by your side in critical moments.

Do you want to contact us?

Glad to hear about your project!

First, though, let's get something straight. We give our best with customers who have in common:

  • the desire to get personally involved 
  • time and energy to devote to the project
  • economic resources to invest in marketing
  • long term vision
  • a product or service with a good reputation
  • market specialization

Our collaborations have a minimum duration of 6 months, time needed to plan the strategy, test it out and collect meaningful data. However, if for any reason we do not satisfy you, we give you our guarantee that you will be able to call it off at any time, no strings attached.

Simone Marengo

Get in touch

Leave your contact details and tell us about your project. 

We will evaluate if and how we can help you.

Then we'll get back to you to set up a preliminary consultation.

About us

We are a marketing & communication agency in Aosta with a lot of work to manage. We are constantly studying and training, drawing from the best national and international sources.

In 2017 we were chosen by Google among the agencies in Italy with the highest potential.

But that doesn't mean we don't know how to have fun!


In the office we make sure to carve out some free time to relax over a cup of tea or coffee.

Our team

Simone Marengo

founder & director

Simone has been a marketing professional for over 10 years. Graduated with honors in Marketing from the University of Parma in 2004, with a Master's Degree in Music Marketing at La Sapienza University in Rome, he got certified by Google and Bing for his skills in online advertising, marketing and data analysis with Google Analytics.

Recently, Simone also had the honor of being certified as Connection Manager - that is, strategic marketing expert - by Alessandro Sportelli and Manuel Faè (two of the most authoritative figures in the Italian industry, creators of the course "Web Marketing per Imprenditori" and authors of the successful book "Il Succo del Web Marketing").

Luca Manno

web design & ux

Having lived abroad for years, Luca returned to Italy with a significant amount of experience on his shoulders, after attending a study program in Northern Europe, where he studied Marketing, Communication and Web Design in English. Involved in various local entrepreneurial initiatives, he mainly deals with the planning of business strategies, user experience and the design of websites optimized for conversions.

Mirko Chiavenuto


Responsible for the Facebook Ads and Google Ads campaigns, Mirko has several years of experience in the development of Funnels - a sequence of steps, usually web pages - which lead to real customer growth, with measurable and tangible results for the company.

Natalia Menotti

Social media

Besides being a photographer and a model, Natalia is a real social media expert, having built herself a following of several tens of thousands of fans on social networks. She deals with content creation and management of social profiles.

Lorenzo Rudà

content manager

After completing with flying colours his studies in communication of new media, Lorenzo specialized in copywriting and storytelling techniques aimed at fostering interactions, increasing the involvement of customers towards specific sectors and, consequently, bringing more contacts to companies.

Our expertise for your success

We offer you the competence, fairness and dedication of a team of professionals obsessed with the achievement of the objectives agreed upon with our customers.

I feel cared for and supported

I met Simone after a negative experience of creating my website, both from a graphic and organizational point of view. Marengo Marketing and his team managed to give new emphasis to my services, creating a nice website that highlighted them individually and at the same time linked them together. Even after the completion of the website, with Simone I felt cared for and supported in all my needs. This increased my activities.

Thanks to the advertising campaigns on Facebook, Simone has managed to put me in touch with countless people, many of whom have since become customers, whom I would never have met otherwise.

Simone is professional, humble and helpful, a friend to trust with the management of our business!

Lorena campana  //  Istituto di bellezza 'Eddy'

The best part is the 360-degree support

The best and in my opinion very important aspect of the work done by Simone Marengo and his agency is the 360-degree support.

The creation and optimization of advertising campaigns is just the tip of the iceberg, because with it there is a great work of analyzing the situation, the context, the typical customer and his purchasing process.

There is a continuous support in the planning of an all-round web marketing strategy and, absolutely important, we are dealing with a responsible person to whom we can turn to for advice and guidance on specific problems.

MICHELANGELO MOGGIA  //  Action Figure Web

Our Office

Marengo Marketing Srl
Viale Partigiani, 18 – 11100 Aosta (AO) ITALY
VAT N. IT01212620072


Agency ID:126340

Certificato Bing

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